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In Dental Disorder™ dentists will meet the real enemies to quality care and walk the path dentists and leaders in the dental industry must follow to fight back against the enemies putting their bottom line above our patients' well being and usher in Dentistry 3.0™ through Connected Dentistry™.

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Learn New Tools And Strategies To...


1. Increase Profits

Increase case acceptance, production, and productivity while reducing overhead via new tools, technology, and systems.

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2. Drive New Patients

Proven, modern methods for driving new patients and high value cases from your website, online, and offline channels.


3. Build An A-Team

Find, train, motivate, and retain your dream team without having to over pay, baby-sit, or resort to recruiters.

Dr Brandon Tiek

“We’re Getting To A Point Where These Things Are No Longer Impressive... But Expected.”

Upgrade Dental Expert Contributors

Learn from experts in the dental community via our premium courses and Upgrade Day lectures.

Allison Lacoursiere

Allison Lacoursiere, CPC, RDA

Allison got her start in Social Media Marketing working in…

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Abby Frey, LDA, CDA

For 14 years Abby Frey has demonstrated excellence in Licensed…

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Dr. Bryan Laskin

Dr. Bryan Laskin is a Minnesota dentist and tech entrepreneur…

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Bob Affleck

Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize their dream…

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Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an…

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Danika Brinda, PhD, RHIA, CHPS, HCISPP

Dr. Danika Brinda is the CEO of Planet HIPAA and TriPoint Healthcare Solution.…

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Dr. Maria Kunstadter

Dr. Kunstadter graduated from U.M.K.C Dental School. While there, she…

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Tanya Dunlap, PhD

Tanya Dunlap, PhD is the Managing Director at Perio Protect,…

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Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe is the founder of The Alchemist Dentist,…

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Dr. Len Tau

Chosen as one of the top leaders in dental consulting…

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Kay Hickey, LDA

Kay Hickey is an efficiency consultant at Zirc Dental Products.…

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Dr. Christopher Balaban

Dr. Christopher Balaban is a practicing dentist in Boston, MA…

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Kelly Tanner, PhD, RDH

With a Ph.D. in Business and Leadership, Dr. Tanner uses…

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Dr. Michael Miyasaki

Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki practices general dentistry in Sacramento, CA,…

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Shawn Hall

Shawn obtained a Computer Engineering Degree from Kettering University. Working…

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Dr. David Rice

Founder of the nation’s largest student and new dentist community,…

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Dr. Peggy Bown

Dr. Peggy Bown has been practicing in New Brunswick, Canada…

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Grant Gooley, MBA

Grant Gooley is a marketer who loves to create, drive…

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Austin Hair

Austin has gone from professional wakeboarder to real estate investor to…

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Sylvie Longstreet

Sylvie was a practicing dental hygienist from 2005 until 2017…

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