Abby Frey, LDA, CDA

For 14 years Abby Frey has demonstrated excellence in Licensed and Certified Dental Assisting.  Abby completed Dental Assistant training in Rochester, MN, home of the Mayo Clinic, where she had the honor of internshiping and beginning her dental career by joining their department of Dental Specialties. After leaving the Mayo Clinic, Abby transitioned to private practice where she led one of the most progressive dental teams in the world for over 10 years.  Abby’s experience in private practice elevated her to become the Dental Assistant Training Specialist for one of the largest Dental Support Organizations where she applied her passion for leadership, mentorship and career empowerment. Abby is excited to now leverage her knowledge and firsthand expereince in the dental industry by leadning Customer Success at Toothapps. When Abby is not elevating other dental professionals, she coaches others in their health and wellness journeys. Abby, her husband and two young children enjoy camping, golfing, hiking and shamelessly enjoy couch and movie time together whenever they can.