Shawn Hall

Shawn obtained a Computer Engineering Degree from Kettering University. Working in Fortune 500 companies in information systems and system design gave him a great deal of experience when he entered the dental technology field in 2006, working for many dental companies before founding Sodium Systems. His extensive knowledge of the creation & development of many dental products & software options has led to a wealth of knowledge on how to integrate advanced dental technology and make them productive in the dental office.

With a strong background in Dental Technology of more than 15 years, Mr. Hall formed Sodium Systems LLC in 2011 with Co-Owner Jake Scheiterlein.

Sodium Dental has an office in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and services dentists all over the world for sensor repair, Digital x-ray technology manufacturing, digital imaging, installation, sales, training, and support.

Mr. Hall and Mr. Scheiterlein invented the process of digital X-ray sensor repair. Which has been an amazing innovation in dentistry and created an alternative option for thousands of dentists, allowing them to save money over the significant expense of replacement.

Shawn has done many speaking engagements throughout the years at events and conferences, where his experience and insight have given the audience an inside look into the technology industry and how they can save money but still get the results they want.