Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe is the founder of The Alchemist Dentist, an international speaker, a coach and a dentist to oncology patients. 

She is smart, ambitious, driven and some would say successful. yet, she didn’t believe any of that. She would overwork to try and predict mistakes, explained away her successes, and always felt exhausted ultimately leading to burnout.

The truth was: Dr. Jessica thought she was going to be found out. She questioned her abilities and assumed everyone was smarter or worked harder than her. She was unaware she motivated herself by the fear of failing and self-doubt which created self-sabotaging behaviour.

She felt alone and defeated, yet successful. It didn’t make any sense. Until, she realized she was experiencing the Impostor Phenomenon. She now helps high-achieving and successful individuals dismantle the Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout.