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We've filled this year's Upgrade Day virtual conference with new ideas, strategies, and technologies proven to boost your production, productivity, and profitability... While upholding the highest level of clinical care for your patients.

Expert Lectures

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The 21st Century Cures Act: Facilitating Dentistry 3.0 And Connected Dentistry

  • Understand the 21st Century Cures Act and what is needed to comply
  • Learn how to easily avoid fines up to $1M per incident
  • Recent regulations and standards that are transforming Dentistry
  • How to revolutionize care using the DHIE (Dental Health Information Exchange)

Dr. Bryan Laskin | 1 CE Available

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Moving From Dental Practice Intelligence To Insights

  • Discover the true meaning of practice profitability
  • Learn how numbers can tell the story of your practice
  • Understand the importance of interoperability to gain insight into your practice

Dr. Bryan Laskin | 1 CE Available

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How To Benefit From The New Reality Of Patient Empowerment

  • Identify major changes in our industry when it comes to patients’ expectations
  • Understand the biggest problem dentistry is currently facing
  • Identify the positive impacts unlocking patient data has on our practices 
  • Learn how a patient application can help grow your practice

Dr. Bryan Laskin | 1 CE Available

A Frey
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Closing The Referral Loop With Dentistry 3.0

  • How your practice is losing $120K of production due to your referral processes
  • What are the gaps in today’s referral processes and what are our options as an industry
  • Learn how interoperability can connect providers and patients with the accessibility to data
  • Discover how to add efficiencies to the referral workflow that saves your staff time

Abby Frey, LDA, CDA | 1 CE Available

Paul and Grace Headshot
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Disrupting Documentation: Graduate from Traditional HR Documentation to Empowered Employee Coaching

  • Review foundational elements of HR documentation
  • Learn the continuous feedback loop, which empowers you and your team to reach your full potential
  • Streamline your documentation processes by leveraging effective technology solutions
  • Become a more effective manager to your team, fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and adaptability within your workforce
  • Elevate your employee coaching game with CEDR’s outcome-oriented approach
  • Most importantly, learn how consistent proper documentation can prevent and deter employment lawsuits

Paul Edwards & Grace Godlasky | 1 CE Available (Special Lecture for Dentists & Office Managers)

M Turner headshot
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Dental Staffing Woes - The Latest Tips & Tricks On Hiring And Retaining Quality Staff

  • Explore technologies and platforms that make the hiring process efficient and effective 
  • Understand the overarching role dental practice owners and hiring managers plays in the search and hire process 
  • Discover how a shift in societal mindset has impacted the hiring process and individual career goals 
  • Identify systems and processes that aid in recognizing quality team members from the first introduction 
  • Learn objective methods on how to write an effective hiring advertisement

Melissa K. Turner, BASDH, RDHEP, EFDA | 1 CE Available

S Hall
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Interoperability With 3DCT, Digital Impressions, Software and 3D Printing

  •  Understanding what uses you can get out of 3DCT in your Dental Practice and how to get your data out of it
  • Using any Intraoral Scanner to make a bite splint and a model design
  • Using a 3D printer, how to calibrate a printer, common issues to be aware of and how to actually print something from beginning to end with washing and curing

Shawn Hall | 1 CE Available

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Understanding Cybersecurity Risks In The Dental Industry

  • Understand the current cybersecurity risks to the dental organization
  • Identify the ways that cyber attacks get exploited in dental office
  • Recognize simple steps to implement at your organization to reduce your cyber risk
  • Review the Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Best Practices

Danika Brinda, PhD, RHIA, CHPS, HCISPP | 1 CE Available

E Solberg headshot
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Guided Implant Surgery In 2024

  • Learn what is needed for proper diagnosis and planning for guided implant surgery
  • Identify the positives and negatives of guided surgery
  • Review workflows available for planning and fabrication of implant surgical guides

Dr. Erik Solberg, DABOI/ID, FAAID, FICOI, MaCSD | 1 CE Available

R DeRosso
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How The iPad Is Shaking Up Dentistry For Patients And Dentists

  • Learn CURES act benefits and what it means to dentistry
  • Define what an EDR is and how a cloud based EDR greatly benefit you and your patients
  • Calculate the ROI of CURES compliant EDR
  • Understand how an Interactive medical / dental alert system is your patients and your best friend
  • Identify how the STATNOTE template system can eliminate costly errors in your practice
  • Define interoperability and how it is changing healthcare

Dr. Robert De Rosso | 1 CE Available

Maria K Leah S
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Work Life Balance With Hybrid Care

  • Learn how to implement Hybrid Care in your office 
  • Develop a plan to include equip, hire and train for maximum productivity with flexibility
  • Understand applications for converting to virtual visits
  • Open up your schedules and your life

Dr. Maria Kunstadter & Leah Sigler | 1 CE Available

Jodi and Trevor
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Align, Engage, Excel: A Team Approach To Case Acceptance

  • Understanding how to create an aligned team
  • Understanding the details of a functional case acceptance system
  • Create a path from current reality to higher performance
  • Master team engagement to achieve both your vision and a shared purpose

Jodi Evans & Dr. Trevor Lines | 1 CE Available

Ryan and Josh Headshot
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Selling Your Dental Practice: The Truth Behind Unrepresented Offers

  • Understanding the meaning behind unsolicited offers to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. 
  • Detecting, defining, & negotiating hidden deal terms
  • Aligning yourself with the right partner at the best price
  • Timing of a dental practice sale

Ryan Mingus & Josh Swearingen | 1 CE Available

Bob James Jayden headshot
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2024 Dental Practice Mastery: Thrive Like Never Before Without Disruption Or Stress

  • Leadership and casting a vision
  • How to clarify and simplify your marketing efforts
  • How to master case acceptance
  • How to Optimize Systems and increase cash flow

Bob Affleck, Jayden Bell, James DeLuca | 1 CE Available

Dr. Christopher Phelps
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Getting The Team In The Right Seat And Influencing Them Into Change

  • The course will cover the 3 parts of the mind: IQ, Personality, Instinctive and how to leverage the instinctive strengths of team members so they will be happier, healthier and more productive in their jobs
  • We will review the Kolbe assessment which is an objective criteria practices can use to determine if this team member is the right fit for their seat on the bus or perhaps they are a better fit for a different seat on the bus
  • We'll discuss how managers and/or owners can get out of micromanaging and telling their team members to do their job and teach them how to influence their team into action or change instead

Dr. Christopher Phelps | 1 CE Available

M Doherty
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Medical-Dental Integration For The Private General Dentist

  • Understand the opportunities of medical-dental integration for your dental practice
  • Understand the challenges of medical-dental integration 
  • Understand the basics of implementing of medical-dental integration

Dr. Mark Doherty | 1 CE Available

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Meet The Upgrade Day Faculty

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Dr. Bryan Laskin

Dr. Bryan Laskin is a Minnesota dentist and tech entrepreneur…

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Abby Frey, LDA, CDA

For 14 years Abby Frey has demonstrated excellence in Licensed…

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Paul Edwards & Grace Godlasky

Paul Edwards Paul Edwards is the founder and CEO of…

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Melissa K. Turner, BASDH, RDHEP, EFDA

A 20-year veteran dental hygienist and founder, Melissa K. Turner…

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Dr. Mark Doherty

Dr. Mark E. Doherty is co-founder and CEO of D4…

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Danika Brinda, PhD, RHIA, CHPS, HCISPP

Dr. Danika Brinda is the CEO of Planet HIPAA and TriPoint Healthcare Solution.…

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Shawn Hall

Shawn obtained a Computer Engineering Degree from Kettering University. Working…

Read Bio

Jodi Evans & Dr. Trevor Lines

Jodi Evans Founder and CEO of Revolutionary Tribes, Jodi is…

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Dr. Maria Kunstadter & Leah Sigler

Dr. Maria Kunstadter Dr. Kunstadter graduated from U.M.K.C Dental School.…

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Erik Solberg, DDS, DABOI/ID, FAAID, FICOI, MaCSD, graduated from the…

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Dr. Robert De Rosso

Dr. Robert De Rosso graduated from Tufts University School of…

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Ryan Mingus & Josh Swearingen

Ryan Mingus Ryan Mingus has 12+ years of sales and leadership…

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Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an…

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Bob Affleck, Jayden Bell, James DeLuca

Bob Affleck Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize…

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