Bob Affleck, Jayden Bell, James DeLuca

Bob Affleck

Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize their dream of practice ownership as well as practice growth and success, which in the end leads to a road map of a legacy to be proud of. He has been dedicated to doing so for over 31 years and has successfully changed thousands of dentists’ lives.

Early on, Bob discovered a massive gap in what dentists had learned in dental school and the knowledge they needed to possess to open a practice of their own. That is what took him down the path of becoming a Practice Finance Specialist, Practice Management Consultant, and even a Practice Broker. Closing that gap for dentists and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams has led Bob into his passion for educating, guiding, and assisting dentists from beginning to end.

Jayden Bell

Meet Jayden Bell, a trailblazer in the dental industry and the innovative Founder of Dental Coach USA. With a profound impact on the field, Jayden has revolutionized dental practices through a one-stop network, offering expertise not only in acquisitions and buying but also in dental practice management and operations coaching.

Steeped in the nuances of the dental world, Jayden is a trusted source of insights and guidance. His visionary approach and keen understanding of industry trends have solidified Jayden’s reputation as an authority in navigating the challenges and maximizing opportunities within the dental space.

A dynamic speaker, Jayden is known for captivating audiences with a compelling vision for the future of the dental industry. Whether it’s shedding light on effective practice management strategies, providing expert guidance on systems, operations, and software or navigating the intricacies of acquisitions, Jayden brings a wealth of knowledge to every discussion.

Join the ranks of those who have benefited from Jayden’s expertise, and discover how his innovative approach can elevate dental practices in an ever-evolving landscape.

James DeLuca

Mr. James DeLuca. A dental industry luminary with a proven track record of excellence in various roles. They began as an Office Manager at Aspen Dental, achieving a top 20 ranking among 600 offices in Case and Financing Conversions. As a Regional Director of Operations at North American Dental Group, he increased annual revenue by $3 million and elevated EBITDA from 25% to 27%.
His expertise extends to business development, where he played a key role at Trimble Dental, enhancing patient conversion rates to 75% while establishing scalable best practices. He has also founded Spartan Leadership Group, known for proprietary leadership development training.

Additionally, James has excelled in technology and strategic planning as a Transitions Specialist at Oryx Dental Software and as a Director of Business Development at Next Level Practice, where he is a certified coach and innovator in Learning Management Software.

In addition to his remarkable journey thus far, Mr. DeLuca has also made significant contributions as the Head Coach of Practice Management and Operations at Dental Coach USA. In this role, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to guide and empower dental professionals. Under his mentorship, dentists have experienced a substantial increase in collections, averaging an astounding $300,000 in just 12 months. His coaching expertise has not only elevated the financial success of dental practices but has also inspired countless individuals to achieve their full potential.