Jodi Evans & Dr. Trevor Lines

Jodi Evans

Founder and CEO of Revolutionary Tribes, Jodi is an accomplished dental industry leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record of helping dental businesses scale. She has a wealth of experience as the former Chief Operations and Marketing Officer of Community Dental Partners. Jodi is also a board member at Women in DSO, where she actively promotes the advancement of women in the dental industry.

Dr. Trevor Lines 

A seasoned dentist and dedicated lifelong learner, Dr. Lines blends hands-on dental experience with innovative approaches. Through building and transforming practices, he has honed his practical knowledge and refined unique mental models for success. He is committed to empowering fellow dental entrepreneurs with fresh, groundbreaking ideas. His current focus is on building a DSO with his partner, Jodi Evans. You can follow their progress on “Trevor and Jodi Start a DSO” a RevTribes Podcast.