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Kick Off 2023 With New Ideas And Tools To Boost Production

We've filled this year's Upgrade Day virtual conference with new ideas, strategies, and technologies proven to boost your production, productivity, and profitability... While upholding the highest level of clinical care for your patients.

Expert Lectures

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3 Steps To Turn Your Tired Old Website Into A New Patient Generating Machine

  • Identify must-have tools you should add to your website today to double new patient inquiries
  • Get a 100% honest, no BS assessment of how your website is serving your practice
  • Find out why in 2023 you should never be paying big bucks for a new website
  • Discover the future of Practice Management Driven marketing campaigns

Dr. Bryan Laskin | 1 CE Available

Allison Lacoursiere
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High-Performance Habits & Leadership

  • Understand the Formula for Confidence so you can learn faster, overcome challenges and barriers to success
  • Discover the Habits for Success that will guarantee you to achieve your goals  
  • Learn what it means to have a growth mindset so you can remove the fear of failure from your vocabulary 
  • Understanding the power of our thoughts and how to choose the thoughts that serve us rather than hurt us
  • Creating a Vision for Our Ideal Self & Personal Performance

Allison Lacoursiere, CPC, RDA | 1 CE Available

Dr. Christopher Phelps
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The COMPLETE New Patient Attraction Webinar

  • Discover the formula Dr. Phelps used to increase his fee for service new patients from 60/month to over 300/month.  All while decreasing his marketing expense by 74%
  • Identify the 5 areas that adversely affect your new patient number and marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Learn the 7 Pillars of Marketing that you can use in any marketing media to attract more quality new patients

Dr. Christopher Phelps | 1.5 CE Available

J Krell
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How To Invest In Oral Tech & Implement Top 5 Tech Strategies

  • Compare and contrast how dental startups perform compared to other assets
  • Understand the dental startup and investment landscape for 2023
  • Explore differentiated mechanisms to invest in dental startups and their pros and cons 
  • Learn how strategic and focused tech investments can benefit a dental practice

Dr. Jeremy Krell, MBA | 1 CE Available

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Improve Patient Outcomes While Improving Your Bottom Line

  • Learn how to expand your patients’ care by integrating total health screenings
  • Understand the total body impact of oral health and how to make an impact
  • Understand the global impact of oral health and how to be involved at your office
  • Meet the consumers’ expectations and ‘meet’ more patients

Dr. Maria Kunstadter | 1 CE Available

dr rice
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Prep Place Profit

  • Double your direct posterior restorative speed with zero compromise
  • Learn when and how to convert your patients to more predictable and profitable indirect care
  • Build beautiful class IV restorations in half the time
  • Add diastema and black triangle closures to your restorative repertoire

Dr. David Rice | 1 CE Available

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Your Success

  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence to dental teams and connecting with patients
  • Recognize triggers, reactions, and emotions, and trace them all to their source
  • Utilize emotional intelligence to redefine goals and create career fulfillment

Dr. Kelly Tanner, PhD, RDH | 1.5 CE Available

S Hall
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3D Workflows - Taking Advantage of Intraoral Scanners and 3D Printers

  • Basic method of using intra oral scanners simply as a digital replacement to impression materials
  • Intermediate method using scans for replacing impression material and adding a 3D printer for printing dental models
  • Advanced method using scanner, printer and CAD software to produce surgical guides, bite splints and clear aligners all in house

Shawn Hall | 1.5 CE Available

C Parsons
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Optimize Your Team: Ergonomics and Team Well-Being For Practice Growth

  • Identify musculoskeletal disorders and their prevalence among dental professionals
  • Discuss exercises and proven yoga practices to improve posture and ergonomics and reduce pain 
  • Review different tools, equipment, and practices to achieve and maintain better ergonomics
  • Discuss different approaches and practices to build team connection and employee retention for practice growth

Caitlin Parsons, RDH, C-IAYT, CEAS | 1 CE Available

Grant Gooley headshot circle
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Beyond Postcard Patients: Marketing Your Dental Practice in 2023

  • Learn “Secret Weapon” marketing tips you can implement TODAY to grow and thrive in 2023
  • Discover how to acquire the “IDEAL” new patient
  • Determine cost per patient - How much should a new patient cost you?
  • Understand the new patient journey

Grant Gooley, MBA | 1 CE Available

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The TEAM Approach to Employee Satisfaction: Let’s Start Talking About It

  • Leverage bonus systems that will motivate team members and support business growth
  • Extinguish burnout as leaders and team members. How can we support each other but also protect ourselves from these symptoms by implementing peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Foster a career fulfilling environment as leaders and understanding how to change our mindset as an overall team

Abby Frey, LDA, CDA | 1 CE Available

Bob Affleck Headshot@2xupdated
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Practice Ownership Made Simple

  • Start with the end in mind - Your vision, mission and why 
  • Learn the 8 simple steps to successful practice ownership 
  • Discover what you can do now to start preparing for practice ownership

Bob Affleck | 1 CE Available

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HIPAA Fines for Dental Practices? Learning from 2022 HIPAA Enforcement

  • Review enforcement activity in dental practices and Healthcare Organizations over in 2022
  • Identify key areas of non-compliance with HIPAA
  • Discuss the common issues that caused non-compliance
  • Discuss simple steps to take to help your organization avoid HIPAA fines

Danika Brinda, PhD, RHIA, CHPS, HCISPP | 1 CE Available

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Meet The Upgrade Day Faculty

We've put together lectures from industry experts who are coming to YOU during this virtual event. No Travel, Hotel, Or Taking Days Off Required!

Allison Lacoursiere

Allison Lacoursiere, CPC, RDA

Allison got her start in Social Media Marketing working in…

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Abby Frey, LDA, CDA

For 14 years Abby Frey has demonstrated excellence in Licensed…

Read Bio

Dr. Bryan Laskin

Dr. Bryan Laskin is a Minnesota dentist and tech entrepreneur…

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Bob Affleck

Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize their dream…

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Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an…

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Danika Brinda, PhD, RHIA, CHPS, HCISPP

Dr. Danika Brinda is the CEO of Planet HIPAA and TriPoint Healthcare Solution.…

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Dr. Maria Kunstadter

Dr. Kunstadter graduated from U.M.K.C Dental School. While there, she…

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Kelly Tanner, PhD, RDH

With a Ph.D. in Business and Leadership, Dr. Tanner uses…

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Shawn Hall

Shawn obtained a Computer Engineering Degree from Kettering University. Working…

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Dr. David Rice

Founder of the nation’s largest student and new dentist community,…

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Grant Gooley, MBA

Grant Gooley is a marketer who loves to create, drive…

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Caitlin Parsons, RDH, C-IAYT, CEAS

Caitlin Parsons is a Registered Dental Hygienist of 12 years,…

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Jeremy Krell, DMD, MBA

Jeremy is a general dentist with a combined business background.…

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