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3 Steps To Massively Increase Your Production

  • Learn how to get off the "dental treadmill" and increase production while lowering your hours, stress, and obligations
  • See how well intentioned professionals are investing completely backwards, and how to get any new piece of equipment, training, or renovation for free
  • Understand why more pay does not equal more productivity from team members
  • Learn how to drive production increases from any team with little to no effort

Dr. Bryan Laskin | 1 CE Available

Upgrade Dental Faculty Bios

Caitlin Parsons, RDH, C-IAYT, CEAS

Caitlin Parsons is a Registered Dental Hygienist of 12 years,…

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Jeremy Krell, DMD, MBA

Jeremy is a general dentist with a combined business background.…

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Brett Gilbert, D.D.S., FICD Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

Dr. Brett E. Gilbert graduated from the University of Maryland…

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Erik Solberg, DDS, DABOI/ID, FAAID, FICOI, MaCSD, graduated from the…

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Melissa K. Turner, BASDH, RDHEP, EFDA

A 20-year veteran dental hygienist and founder, Melissa K. Turner…

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Ryan Mingus & Josh Swearingen

Ryan Mingus Ryan Mingus has 12+ years of sales and leadership…

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Dr. Robert De Rosso

Dr. Robert De Rosso graduated from Tufts University School of…

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Paul Edwards & Grace Godlasky

Paul Edwards Paul Edwards is the founder and CEO of…

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Dr. Maria Kunstadter & Leah Sigler

Dr. Maria Kunstadter Dr. Kunstadter graduated from U.M.K.C Dental School.…

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Jodi Evans & Dr. Trevor Lines

Jodi Evans Founder and CEO of Revolutionary Tribes, Jodi is…

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Bob Affleck, Jayden Bell, James DeLuca

Bob Affleck Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize…

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Dr. Mark Doherty

Dr. Mark E. Doherty is co-founder and CEO of D4…

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Upgrade Day registration is free and there are no refunds. All courses are unbiased views. Some speakers may be associated with certain companies. Conflict of Interest statements are available upon request.

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