Interviewing Strategist Melissa Turner on Mindset Changes Vital to Success in Dentistry

As our profession continues to evolve, we dentists must be ready to not only learn about changes in dental technology and oral healthcare consumer habits, but also to adopt a mindset that embraces these changes.

Melissa Turner is the Chief Hygiene Officer of Cellerant Consulting and an award-winning speaker and strategist who is on the front lines of change in dentistry, helping dental businesses navigate changes in the market.

In this interview, we discuss exciting changes happening in dentistry and the changes that clinicians and practice owners will have to make soon to thrive in the era of what I call “Dentistry 3.0.”

Some of the mindset changes we discuss just might surprise you…

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—author, dentist, entrepreneur and fellow visionary of a very near future of truly interconnected oral healthcare.

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