Dental Membership Plans Are the Future—Interview with Dr. Brett Wells

With consumers increasingly searching for convenient solutions with simple and affordable monthly payment plans, in-house memberships are the inevitable future for dentistry.

Founder and CEO of DentalHQ Dr. Brett Wells is a dentist who knows all too well the pain of juggling collections with the other responsibilities of running a dental practice. He set out to solve this problem nearly a decade ago and now has a fantastic solution that he talks about in this episode of The Patient First Podcast.

In this interview, Dr. Wells and I discuss the simple beauty of in-house membership plans for dental practices and how they deliver myriad benefits to the practice and its patients, both uninsured and insured.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—author, dentist, fellow entrepreneur and problem-solver passionate about making dentistry more accessible to more people by supporting those who provide it.

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