Eileen Day of DSO Vendor Insights Network on Communication in the Dental Industry

The way people seek dental care is changing and as well as the way dentists provide it. DSOs are both leveraging and driving these changes with their platforms, but they need scalable solutions to optimize the efficiencies of their complex and rapidly growing networks.

In the meantime, many vendors in the space who are eager to share their solutions with DSOs often struggle to communicate the value of their products to these companies.

This is where Eileen’s team comes in.

In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I interview Eileen Day, President of DSO Vendor Insights Network (DVIN), and we discuss the growing need for a liaison between the developers of the solutions that will elevate dentistry and the organizations that need them.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—author, dentist, entrepreneur and advocate for solutions that help oral healthcare providers deliver treatment experiences that put the patient first.

For vendors interested in joining Eileen’s network: DSOVIN.com 
Learn how to bridge the disconnect between patients and providers: PatientFirstBook.com
Learn how to bridge the disconnect between actors within the dental industry: DentalDisorder.com


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