Cissy Mangrum of Specialty Dental Brands on Operational Efficiencies and Improving Interoperability in Dentistry

Dentistry is just starting to hit the biggest wave of change the industry has ever seen. Many of the innovations we are only beginning to see in the dental field have already been pioneered by the medical industry, paving the way for dentistry to experience exponential growth.

In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I interview Cissy Mangrum, the VP of Revenue Cycle for Specialty Dental Brands. With years of experience in health technology, Cissy Mangrum was an eyewitness to the innovative transformations that happened in the medical industry and now in the dental space.

Cissy shares the insights she’s gained from her perspective as a revenue cycle expert, comments on the exciting developments in dental software and describes the most important area for dental practices and DSO networks to optimize efficiencies.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—dentist, author, entrepreneur and data nerd working hard to improve interoperability in dentistry to ensure better care for patients and more efficient operations for providers.

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