How to Keep Your Patients Out of the Emergency Room

On average, a trip to the ER takes longer than 4 hours and costs over $1,000. In light of these numbers, dentists can and should do more to keep their patients out of the emergency room. This is especially true considering that patients who visit the ER with a dental emergency are later sent to their dentist for follow-up restorative care anyway.

A dental emergency is a legitimate reason to worry, but patients can avoid the hassle and cost of an ER visit if dentists take just a couple simple steps.

In this episode of “The Patient First Podcast,” I share the ridiculously easy solution every dentist should implement to improve their patients’ access to the urgent dental care they need.

I’m Dr. Bryan, author of “The Patient First Manifesto,” and an advocate for intelligent digital solutions that improve patient access to oral care.

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