The Connection Between the Fear of CBCT and the Love of EBITDA

Why do so many dentists hesitate to invest in CBCT imaging? There’s a fascinating connection between the dental industry’s obsession with profitability and dentists’ reluctance to adopt technology like CBCT scanners. I uncover that connection in this episode of The Patient First Podcast.

As dental practice owners are feeling sandwiched between reduced reimbursements and rising overhead costs, the topic of dental practice financial health (EBITDA) has become a hot one.

But oddly enough, many dentists are resistant to the very technological advancements and business strategies that can make their practices more profitable.

In this episode, I explain how two major trends in dentistry are closely related and how dentists can leverage these trends to raise the standard of care for their patients and insulate their practices against economic fluctuations.

And yes, there’s a special message for patients in this episode, too!

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin, author of “The Patient First Manifesto”, and a dentist who believes that it’s time for dentists to start looking at dentistry differently.

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