How Patients Can Recognize a Dentist That Cares

This episode of The Patient First Podcast might turn out to be one of those controversial ones, and I’m looking forward to it.

We dentists like to believe that we’re good at evaluating the quality of clinical care rendered by ourselves and by fellow dentists. But can we really expect patients to critique providers based on our clinical talent, alone?

Our patients don’t usually get to see what we see, learn what we’ve learned and experience what we’ve experienced. All they have to go by are other signs and indications that a dentist truly cares about them. If patients can simply sense that we care about the quality of our work, that’s often enough for patients to be convinced that we’ll do a good job on their teeth.

This episode goes both ways: I’ll be reviewing some key indicators that help a patient know whether a dentist is right for them, and I’ll explain how dentists can improve in these areas to better communicate their skill to prospective patients.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin, an author, entrepreneur and dentist who is passionate about helping patients find the care they deserve and helping dentists to provide it.

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