Why Dental Technology Is Getting Cheaper and Why That’s a Good Thing

There’s a lingering misconception that dental technology is expensive. That may have been true in the past, but that excuse doesn’t hold up in dentistry today. Not only is the cost of technology going down, but we’re now at a point where you can’t afford NOT to have it in your practice.

Dental technology makes treatment more comfortable and convenient for everyone involved, including patients and providers, and the same is true of practice software and other modern tech tools. The right tools will even lower costs for patients and increase accessibility to care while opening up new opportunities for dental practice owners.

In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I explain why you’re out of excuses if your practice is behind on dental technology. I also explain how a more interconnected and digitized relationship between patient and practice is actually a boon for dentists who want to “leave work at work.”

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin, an author, entrepreneur and dentist who’s working hard to help other dentists leverage the benefits of our increasingly tech-forward age to elevate the standard of care.

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