The Easy Way To Roll Out Upgrades In Your Office

In this final module, we wrap up the 5 Minute Practice Makeover series with a simple strategy that will allow you to start making things happen in your office and be worth millions to you over the course of your career.

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You Are Not Alone

Others bury their heads in the proverbial sand, relying on their cotton roll savings to grow their bottom line.  Upgrade Dentists recognize, however, that technology applied correctly is the greatest growth leverage to your practice.

Dentistry is changing at an ever increasing rate. To you, the Upgrade Dentist, this represents an amazing opportunity.

The Upgrade Dentist believes:

  1. Technology is the best leverage to grow your practice
  2. The only way to have a successful practice is to consistently exceed peoples’ expectations
  3. ROI is about value... not buying the cheapest stuff
  4. Our patients, vendors and teams deserve to be celebrated
  5. Constantly challenging convention is required to upgrade dentistry
Dr Bryan Laskin Founder Of Upgrade Dental

Upgrade Dental Founder - Dr. Bryan Laskin

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