The Question Everyone in Dentistry Should Be Asking

The CEO of a successful DSO visited me at Toothapps headquarters and asked an intriguing question that, really, everyone in dentistry needs to be asking.

Dentistry is experiencing a revolution in response to some major problems in the industry, particularly when it comes to the open sharing of dental patient data. With sprawling networks of dozens or hundreds of practices to manage, DSOs are definitely feeling hindered by outdated and incompatible practice management systems, and so they are logically on the front lines of those seeking solutions.

In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I explain how the meeting with a CEO who is curious about Toothapps solutions culminated in a fascinating question that perfectly sums up what dentistry today should be all about.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin, author of “The Patient First Podcast,” and a dentist and innovator actively working on solutions that elevate dentistry for patients and providers alike.

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