Interview with Dental Lifeline Network President and CEO Lynda Ricketson on Dental Volunteering and Connected Dentistry™

With her entire career spent in the nonprofit sector, there’s no one else more qualified to be leading the amazing organization of Dental Lifeline Network.

I interview DLN’s President and CEO Lynda Ricketson to discuss how her organization helps the disabled, elderly, military veterans and other disadvantaged individuals to access life-changing treatment provided by volunteer dentists. We discuss the benefits that dental practices can experience by joining DLN’s list of providers, and how the organization makes it easy for dentists to give back to their communities.

In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, you’ll not only learn more about this incredible opportunity to be a volunteer dental care provider, but you’ll also learn how Connected Dentistry™ is key to improving access to oral healthcare for everyone.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—an author, entrepreneur, innovator and dentist who can personally attest to the life-changing power of offering volunteer dental treatments.

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