Oakpoint Director of Procurement Karla-Marie Santiago Explains the Value of Transparency for DSOs

What does “transparency” mean for your organization? How could transparency improve efficiencies, increase profitability and deliver greater value to patients all while raising the standard of care?

I explore the topic of transparency with Karla-Marie Santiago, Director of Operations at OakpointⓇ, to discover how this core value of her DSO has strengthened their value proposition and guided the decision-making process.

In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, Karla-Marie shares some priceless insights that other DSO leaders won’t want to miss. We also discuss how a lack of interoperability is the biggest problem in the dental industry and how the solution to this problem lies in a patient-first approach to care.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—author, entrepreneur, dentist and engineer of solutions to the interoperability problem many DSOs are struggling with today.

Contact Karla-Marie: oakpoint.us or karla(at)oakpoint(dot)us

Learn more about the dental industry’s massive disorder and its solution: DentalDisorder.com

Explore solutions for DSOs who want to leverage interoperability for greater transparency: Toothapps.com

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