Should Hygienists Be Doing All This? Irene Iancu Explains the Benefits of RRDHs

How much should you let your hygienists do in your dental practice?

There’s a hot debate going on in dentistry over whether hygienists should have the option to expand their skill set to include some restorative functions.

Some practice owners feel strongly that we shouldn’t be blurring the lines between areas of expertise. But RRDH Irene Iancu makes a compelling case for expanding the functions of dental hygienists.

In this engaging interview, she explains how expanded functions not only result in greater job satisfaction for hygienists, but can also benefit a practice’s bottom line and improve access to care for patients.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—author, entrepreneur, dentist, host of The Patient First Podcast and advocate for all innovations and advancements in our industry that help improve access to oral healthcare while opening doors for increased profitability.

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