What AI REALLY Means for Dentists and Patients—An Interview with VideaHealth Founder and CEO

Is AI in dentistry here to stay? If so, is that a good or bad thing for patients and practice owners?

Whatever your stance on artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry may be, one thing is perfectly clear: we need more conversations to happen in order to understand what the future holds.

I had just such an insightful conversation with Florian Hillen, the Founder and CEO of VideaHealth. In this interview, we discuss what AI really means for dentistry right now and its potential applications in the future. Many dental practice owners and care providers may be surprised to realize just how powerful (and not in a scary way) AI can be in dental care.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—author, dentist, entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast who loves learning about innovations that make dentistry better for patients and providers alike.

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