How to Successfully Implement New Dental Technology: An Interview with David Pryor of Planet DDS

Dave Pryor of Planet DDS is back on The Patient First Podcast, and in this episode, we discuss a hot topic: how to successfully implement a new technology in a dental practice or DSO network to unlock its full potential.

Overwhelmed with the vast array of innovative technologies currently available to choose from, it’s all too easy for the well-intentioned decision-makers of dental care organizations to invest in solutions and systems which then don’t get properly executed, and the benefits are never realized.

In this interview, Dave and I excavate the core truth that sometimes gets buried by stats, figures and overthinking, and we render it down into actionable steps that decision-makers can take to ensure the successful implementation of technology across their network.

I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin—dentist, entrepreneur, author and champion of technological solutions that make dentistry easier for both patients and providers.

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