Dr. Christopher Phelps
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During This Presentation Attendees Will Learn...

  • Trigger words that cause patients to blow you off instead of taking your sound advice...
  • The 6 behavioral science based principles of ethical persuasion... And how to apply them when presenting cases.
  • The common way of presenting treatment plans cuts case acceptance in half!
  • A proven framework for presenting complex cases proven to double acceptance rates from 20% to 40% in office after office.
  • And much more...

Presented By Dr. Christopher Phelps DMD, CMCT

Additional Information

This event is sponsored by Upgrade Dental for the purpose of helping growth minded dentists and their teams grow their practice, careers, and elevate the standard of care in dentistry.

Upgrade Day registration is free and there are no refunds. All courses are unbiased views. Some speakers may be associated with certain companies. Conflict of Interest statements are available upon request.

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