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How To Drive New Patients Without Spending A Penny More On Marketing
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The New Way To Build The Practice Of Your Dreams | Dr. Bryan Laskin

  • Identify 3 easy ways to attract new patients
  • Learn how to drive new patients through efficient use of new technology
  • Discover how to build a practice that is massively successful even after hanging up the handpiece

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Unleash Your Authentic Brand | Dr. Angela Mulrooney

  • Create a plan to leverage what makes your practice unique
  • Understand how to efficiently build your social media following
  • Construct a roadmap for crafting engaging content that showcases your passion and credibility to ideal patients

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Anatomy Of A Killer Social Media Strategy That Drives Patients | Lou Abramowski

  • Understand content that works and how to create it
  • Know when and how often to post on social media
  • Identify the right amount of time/energy/money to invest in social media
  • Learn how social media can drive new and returning patients

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Your Non-Negotiable Social Media Platform | Allison Lacoursiere

  • Learn the basics of the platform 
  • Learn how to post on feed and stories 
  • Understand tracking your analytics 
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Clarity tools and hashtag training

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Implementing Virtual Care In Your Practice | Dr. Maria Kunstadter

  • Understand how/when virtual care can be used for patient care
  • How to effectively use virtual care scheduling to optimize chairtime/production and increase revenue
  • Don’t be left behind—marketing is everything

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Capturing Professional Media For Your Practice | Joey Balmforth

  • Learn the basics of capturing media at a dental practice
  • Understand basic techniques of editing pictures and videos
  • Identify the best way to conduct patient testimonials

1 CE Available

6 Free CE Credits Available On This Track

How To Increase Production, Case Acceptance, And Profitability In Your Office
2-layers (17)

How To Increase The Value Of Your Practice | Dr. Bryan Laskin

  • Discover the smart way to value your practice
  • Learn how to make your practice worth more by changing nothing
  • Identify 3 of the easiest ways to become more profitable starting next week

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Practice Management Upgrades For Low Stress, High Returns | Gary Kadi

  • Determine your current practice capacity
  • Transform being busy to producing outcomes and being fulfilled
  • Team members self-managing with help of set metrics

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

How To Attract More Patients That Say Yes | Shirley Misiak

  • Find out why practices are evolving from the old way of doing business
  • Learn how and why providers should leverage technology to provide patients with their financial options
  • Understand how to implement a cohesive communication strategy
  • Recognize ways to incorporate patient financing so you can increase new patients that can accept recommended care

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Healthy Cash Flow, Healthy Practice - Use Money When It Matters Most | Bob Affleck

  • Identify steps to create a foundation for practice growth
  • Eliminate barriers that stunt practice growth
  • Understand how to free up cash flow for immediate practice growth

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Answer & Schedule More New Patient Calls While Reducing No Shows & Patient Attrition | Dr. Christopher Phelps

  • Conquer the barriers keeping your team from answering more new patient calls
  • Learn phone language strategies to help your team schedule more new patient calls
  • Discover how to get more commitments when scheduling to decrease your no show rate
  • Learn how to reduce patient attrition and keep more of your patients in your practice

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

What Successful Dentists Do Differently | Tanya Dunlap, PhD

  • Find the data point gap between the rate of periodontal disease and treatment presented/accepted
  • Evaluate a healthy baseline used for patient education and case presentation
  • Understand two ways that Rx Tray Therapy improves health and profitability

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Getting The Edge On Removable Technology | Dennis Urban, CDT

  • Leveraging digital technology to increase patient loads
  • Meeting patient expectations in a realistic way
  • Implant solutions for full arch cases
  • Effective communication and support between the laboratory and clinician
  • How to achieve case predictability resulting in patient acceptance

1 CE Available

7 Free CE Credits Available On This Track

The Secrets To Running A High Performance, Low Stress Dental A-Team
dr_matt_miller_kavo_kerr_headshot (1)
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Excellence Does Not Have To Be Complicated: How To Provide Lasting Beautiful Restorations With Ease And Predictability | Dr. Matthew Miller

  • Learn how to streamline inventory, and how that impacts your staff
  • Understand the benefits of incorporating universal products in your workflow
  • Learn how to improve efficiency, streamline procedures, and  get predictable results

1 CE Available

ann and deb
2-layers (17)

Succeeding With Strengths | Debora Carrier, RDH & Anne Duffy, RDH

  • Learn how to identify your strengths
  • Understand the concepts to build and lead a successful team from the inside out

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Transform Your Team From High Maintenance To High Performance | Gary Kadi

  • Decentralize the practice owner to scale your business
  • Non-confrontationally interrupt old ways of thinking and acting
  • Control freak and perfectionist system of letting go WHILE BEING IN FULL CONTROL

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Wow And Retain Your New Hires | Abby Frey, LDA CDA

  • Understand the importance of an effective on-boarding process
  • Identify the tools needed to provide an effective on-boarding experience
  • Follow the blueprint needed to make new team members feel welcomed, informed, and valued

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

5 Steps To Practicing Dentistry Pain-Free: Evidence-Based Strategies For Career Longevity | Dr. Bethany Valachi

  • Learn the etiologies of work-related pain in dentistry
  • Discover the single most important dental ergonomic intervention to prevent neck pain
  • Implement a technique to prevent stress, headaches, dehydration and fatigue due to heavy PPE
  • Discover how painful trigger points develop in dental professionals
  • Discover the benefits of chairside stretching, and how to perform stretches
  • Learn how to correct painful muscle imbalances with proper exercise

1 CE Available

2-layers (17)

Supporting Employees In Maintaining HIPAA Compliance: 5 Steps Every Practice Must Take | Danika Brinda, PhD

  • Discuss 5 steps practices should take for supporting employees to maintain HIPAA compliance
  • Review key elements that should be included in employee training
  • Discuss HIPAA Security education update for employees throughout the year
  • Understand auditing employee’s electronic activity
  • Define simple steps to help employees understand the importance of HIPAA compliance
  • Discuss impacts of HIPAA non-compliance on employees

1 CE Available

metcalfe (2)
2-layers (17)

Dismantling Self-Doubt And Fear Of Failure In Dentistry | Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

  • Examine your inner critic revealing self-doubt, fear of failure and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Establish a base knowledge of how perfectionism creates a negative perspective of your dental growth and journey
  • Develop strategies to prevent burnout and own your success

1 CE Available

7 Free CE Credits Available On This Track

Upgrade Day Speakers

We've put together 20 lectures from 19 industry experts who are coming to YOU during this 7 day virtual event. No Travel, Hotel, Or Taking Days Off Required!

Allison Lacoursiere

Allison got her start in Social Media Marketing working in a dental practice and marketing on Facebook and Instagram for the last five years. Allison…

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Abby Frey, LDA, CDA

For 12 years Abby Frey has demonstrated excellence in Licensed and Certified Dental Assisting.  Abby completed Dental Assistant training in Rochester, MN, home of the…

See Details

Anne Duffy, RDH

Anne Duffy is a passionate, dedicated member of the dental community, and she works diligently to empower others to strengthen themselves and their dental careers. …

See Details

Dr. Bryan Laskin

Having learned from 20 years of experience providing dental care to anxious patients, Dr. Bryan Laskin is on a mission to reduce the stress of…

See Details

Bob Affleck

Bob Affleck’s passion is to help dentists realize their dream of practice ownership as well as practice growth and success, which in the end leads…

See Details

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an amazon best-selling author who practices in Charlotte NC. In his first 7 years of practice…

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Danika Brinda, PhD

Dr. Danika Brinda is the CEO of Planet HIPAA and TriPoint Healthcare Solutions. Dr. Brinda focuses on helping organization get into HIPAA Compliance and Stay…

See Details

Debora Carrier, RDH

Debora is the founder and CEO of Twice as Nice Uniforms, co-founder of The CPR Sisters as well as a practicing dental hygienist. For over…

See Details

Dr. Matthew Miller

Dr. Matthew R. Miller graduated from New York University College of Dentistry with High Distinction. While at NYU, he was selected into the Honors Aesthetics…

See Details

Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a global speaker, best-selling author, social media expert, and dental business coach. She works with healthcare entrepreneurs in North America to…

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Gary Kadi

Gary Kadi has helped over 6,000 practices create automated systems that made them more profitable and gave them more free time to enjoy life. He…

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Dennis Urban, CDT

Dennis Urban, CDT has over 40 years of expertise in the dental technology field including lab management, manufacturing, technical training, sales and marketing, product development,…

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Joey Balmforth

Joey Balmforth started his career in media creation working for a large video production company in Orem, Utah where he was able to create videos…

See Details

Lou Abramowski

Lou Abramowski, aka “hotlou”, got his start in social media in the late 90s and has been helping clients grow their businesses with social media…

See Details

Dr. Maria Kunstadter

Dr. Kunstadter graduated from U.M.K.C Dental School. While there, she co-founded the U.M.K.C Dental Outreach Program. The program has taken students, facility and alumni to…

See Details

Shirley Misiak, VP Strategic Partners, CareCredit

Shirley has spent the past 12 years serving the dental profession within various roles.  She has worked with hundreds of dental practices to increase case…

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Tanya Dunlap, PhD

Tanya Dunlap, PhD is the Managing Director at Perio Protect, where she has worked since 2005. For several years she served as the research liaison…

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Dr. Bethany Valachi

Dr. Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS is author of the book, “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free”, clinical instructor of ergonomics at OHSU School of Dentistry and…

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Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe is the founder of The Alchemist Dentist, an international speaker, a coach and a dentist to oncology patients.  She is smart, ambitious,…

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