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The 5 Secrets To Running A High Production, Productive Practice... Even If You're Short Staffed

During this free training you will learn:

• Why most dentists don't hit their goals, and what to do about it. 

• The key hire every practice needs to break the 7 figure mark.

• The counter-intuitive secret to skyrocketing case acceptance.

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But, Come On... Is It Even Possible To Grow My Practice In Only 5 Minutes?

Absolutely! The "5 Minute Practice Makeover" is a 5 part series of short (5 minute) videos that reveal a series of game changing "revelations" gathered over a successful 20+ year career in Dentistry as the owner of several offices.

After completing this short series you will:

  1. Spot this common cause of low case acceptance in your office... And learn the easy way to fix it.
  2. Discover why your current thinking makes the growth you desire nearly impossible to achieve, and a new way to set goals.
  3. Learn why ideas, innovation, and great intentions are met with negativity, resistance, and a lack of enthusiasm... And a how to turn this around ASAP.

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