How To Do An End To End 40 Minute Crown

The Operatory Podcast Episode 29

 Dr. Laskin is joined in-studio with Dave Pryor as they discuss the most efficient and patient-centered way to create a crown in 40 minutes.   Auto Transcription (Please Excuse Any Typos) Welcome back to the Operatory I’m Dr. Bryan Laskin with me today is the man the myth the legend the patient David Pryor…

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How To Build Your Dental Team Through Conflict

The Operatory Podcast Episode 24

Conflict can be toxic in the workplace. But it doesn’t have to be. On this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin gives tips on how to integrate conflict into a strong team dynamic. Dave, of course, is along for the ride as well.

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How Review Companies Are Leaving Dentists Vulnerable And Why

The Operatory Podcast Episode 22

Dr. Laskin discusses the issues that some dental offices deal with when managing their reviews through a 3rd party company. While positive reviews are very helpful, you want to make sure they sit on sites that potential customers are reaching. He also talks about the importance of good reviews and how to best manage customer…

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The #1 Reason Dentists Are 20 Years Behind

The Operatory Podcast - Episode 20

It isn’t just the old copy of “Highlights” in the office. There are many different ways dental offices can fall behind the times. Listen as Dr. Laskin talks with Dave about the secret behind this phenomenon.

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